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1.1. PowerScheduler Error: Courses not scheduled together

PowerScheduler Error: Courses not scheduled together

Symptom: The error "courses not scheduled together" appears while running a build in PowerScheduler.

Possible Causes & Solutions:

Room Capacity vs. Maximum Enrollment
Verify that the maximum capacity for the room associated with the course is not smaller than the maximum enrollment value, or set to hold other courses taught during the same periods.

Teacher Free vs. Teacher Assignments
Verify that the number of periods a teacher can teach as defined in Teacher Free constraints is not less than the number ofassignments per term. For example, a teacher might be assigned 5 sections, but only be available to teach 4 periods.

Valid Start Periods
Verify that the valid start periods for the course are inconsistent with teachers available periods.

Day Combination
Verify that the valid day combination correct is it consistent with valid days/periods of the school and does not conflict with teacher free periods. For example, if a course can be taught any day, the valid days are left blank as long as the frequency is consistent with the number of days in the school year.

Course Relationships
If there are blocked simultaneous course relationships to other courses and sections, try a concurrent relationship instead.

Teacher Assignments
Verify that the teacher is not set to teach other courses during the same period.

Balanced Terms
Verify that course has balanced terms, if appropriate.


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